What is the November Effect?

The November Effect or November Factor was named by Dr. David S. Bell and his receptionist, Jean Pollard of the Lyndonville outbreak. It was the observation that their mystery illness patients got worse in the Fall. November seemed to the peak time of complaints.

Erik Johnson calls it "suicide season". It spans November through March or so, depending on where you are. Some have found that the MT lasts a good bit longer, often into April. On average, it peaks at the winter solstice and is present approximately equally during the time before and after.

Many mold avoiders have found that MT worsens at that time.

There are lots of places where the air quality is just fine throughout November and throughout the whole winter. Most of those places do not have sewers though.

I think MT season and the November effect are two different things with some overlap. The locations with seasonal MT have active MT from sometime in October into April. It’s a full season. For people pursuing mold avoidance it’s a full season, and not just a couple of months.
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